Softball season rolls into motion

Christina Gerecke, Sports Editor

This past week the softball season rolled into motion with an eager squad of fifteen girls ready to take on another exciting season. The Jaguars welcome four newcomers after graduating a class of four seniors last year.

The returning members fill the starting infield and the heart of the batting lineup. Because of the camaraderie of the team’s veterans, the squad is able to communicate on and off the field with the utmost ability needed to succeed.

So far the Jaguars have recorded three wins and zero losses. Two of the games were complete blowouts, and the run rule was in place for both of those games. The team won the third game by a large margin but was unable to apply the run rule.

As the games have continued, the girls’ hitting has come alive. The players are beginning to gel as a team once again, and that is the recipe for success.

Though the squad has needed to fill a few key positions, every player is putting in her share of work to complete the pieces of a winning team. The squad is optimistic for a successful season and is ready to face its tough opponents.

Junior Devin Lewis expressed her excitement for the season’s commencement. “I think we have a really strong team even though we lost our seniors. I’m excited for the prospect of a great season.”

2012-2013 Varsity Softball Roster

Julia Schifino
Janelle Enriquez
Shannon Taylor
Christina Gerecke
Victoria Valdes
Alexandra Gerecke
Anya Muyres
Ashlen Krone
Devin Lewis
Ashton Hill
Caroline Sutton
Christina Thompson
Taylor Shaw
Taylor Gee
Brittany Bramwell