Madison Allen: Breaking Boundaries

Madison Allen: Breaking Boundaries

Most Academy students take on only one time consuming commitment outside of their academic preparation for college, immersing themselves either in athletics or extensive extracurricular activities.  Ever since her freshman year at Academy, Madison Allen asked, “Why choose?”

Originally joining the crew team to train for softball, Allen played both varsity sports for two year. Now in her senior year, Allen can boast four consecutive years of varsity crew, including a State Championship and qualifying for Nationals two years in a row.

Although many Academy students play two sports, Allen also holds the top leadership position in Student Council, the school’s most active club, which sponsors a gamut of events from the beginning of school to the very end. So how does Allen balance sports with serving as President of Student Council?  Team member and senior Karen Cornett said, “Madison makes it look easy.  She is a good person, great leader, and manages her time well.”

Manage her time she does. Despite pressures from both sports and student activities, Allen doesn’t have any regrets about ongoing demands upon her time. Her brother Travis, who had balanced football and Student Council President at Jesuit, said, “Both sports and leadership in Student Council continue to drive Madison to achieve her best. They work out well for Madison because of the understanding and support of  her coaches and Student Council moderator Mrs. VP [Mrs. VanPelt].”

Allen’s longtime coach Jorge Rodriquez acknowleges that the double life of sports and campus leadership is not for everyone. “Yes, she is an incredible person and rower. But don’t let that get to you. She saw an opportunity and wanted it enough to take it. She didn’t inherit greatness, she is working to achieve it. These are life lessons that will help her for the rest of her life.”


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Madison Allen: Breaking Boundaries