Seniors start Hanimal trend

What is a Hanimal you might ask?  It is a temporary tattoo of an adorable animal on your hand.  These tattoos are unique because they cover your hand in the way that utilizes your fingers for the animal’s limbs and the top of your hand for the face and upper body.  The tattoo comes with cute minor tattoos that accessorize the animal as well.

To apply this special type of temporary tattoo, you must cut each individual piece of the tattoo, including the limbs, the face, the tail, and the accessories.  You apply the tattoo as you would with any temporary tattoo: on dry skin, rubbing a wet paper towel over the back of the tattoo, once positioned on your skin.  After you have completely soaked the back of the tattoo, slowly peel off the paper to view the image.  However, each piece must be applied separately and following the correct chronological order.

Calculus and Geometry teacher Mrs. Jamie DiPierro, mother of two small children, brought these tattoos to school to show some of her students.  Seniors Ashton Hill claimed the lion, Tori Litschgi wanted the monkey, Lillian Giunta applied the giraffe, Tyler Ruppel used the zebra, Allie Mangan wanted the octopus, and Annie Polo claimed the spider.  These seniors wore the temporary tattoos with confidence and excitement at starting what could possibly be a new trend.

If you would like to continue this trend and express your love of Hanimals, contact Mrs. DiPierro or look at any convenience or dollar store near you.

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Seniors start Hanimal trend