Water Wars sets up friendly but fierce competitions among senior homerooms


Seniors on high water alert – keep it safe!

Tori Litschgi, Co-Editor

“Gotcha!” is the phrase that rang throughout the South Tampa area from Sunday, April 21, to Thursday, April 25.  During this time span, the senior Class of 2013 engaged in the annual senior class Water Wars.  Water Wars is a water battle between the four senior homerooms to try to be the team with the least number of unattacked members at the end of the time period. The goal for each senior was to evade attacks and aid her homeroom to victory.

The teams plotted and staked out victims  to target for a water attack.  Each girl had her own water gun, ranging in style from dollar-store squirt guns to more expensive and complex water guns.

Senior Moderator Mrs. Amy Kafantaris laid out the rule prior to the competition. “If a team squirts a girl to get her out, it must take a photo of the target as proof that the girl is disqualified from competition.  AHN campus before or during school hours is off-limits, as well as before practice and before work. Therefore, a girl may be targeted after practice, after work, or any other time not specified in the rules.”

Senior Class President Cailin Dunne echoed the enthusiasm of the senior class at week’s end.  “I have been looking forward to this week since freshman year.  I am very competitive, so I did not go down without a fight!”