A beautiful world

A beautiful world

I open my eyes to the beautiful place this world has become.

I press the button for my kitchen to make me breakfast, and I walk into the bathroom. I think a lukewarm shower would be nice. I step in the shower, and it senses my mood. Then it selects a temperature according to how I’m feeling. Perfect every time.

I step out of the shower and grab a towel. Ding! Breakfast is ready. I quickly dry my hair with the new blow dryer I got. It’s perfect for the morning when I’m in a hurry because it only takes two minutes to dry my hair and leaves it frizz-free.

I eat my breakfast, and then I’m out the door. My neighbors, Neil and Kurtis, are outside doing yard work. I’m happy for them that gay marriage was legalized because they’re such a nice couple. I hop in my battery- powered car, and I’m off to work.

I arrive at the art gallery. As I walk past the rows of paintings and sculptures, I mentally criticize myself whenever I walk past any of my own art. I guessI’m just my own worst critic.

My boss is sitting at his desk as usual. He may not look like it to some people, but he’s the nicest guy. He’s more accepted now than way back when. He has several tattoos. Luckily for him, tattoos are now accepted in the workplace. Just thinking about this makes me realize how much this world has changed. There used to be so much conflict, but now everyone seems to just move on when things aren’t the way they would like them to be.

“To move on is to grow.” Everyone lives by that motto. We all let each other do as we please.

It works out well. We have done away with anger and resentment.  Everyone respects each other so no one would do anything to harm another person.

Things just kind of flow. This world has really become a nice place in which to live.

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A beautiful world