The meaning of life can be found
In the eyes of other people.
If you’re wondering what your purpose is
If life is uncertain from your vantage point
And it scares the crap right out of you
If you wonder if you’ll be happy
If you wonder if it’s worth it
Trust that you’ve never been alone
And honestly, you never will be.
Our own perspectives are limited
Maybe it’s for our own good.
True happiness is not found in selfish ventures
It is found in the happiness you bring others.
Love people, love ideas, love the universe
Because they don’t get enough as it is.
Love is patient, love is kind, love is hopeful,
Love is sacrifice, love is difficult, love is meaningful.
Somebody somewhere needs it
And guess who has the ability to give it
Somebody somewhere is waiting to give it
And will find an opportunity in you
This is universal and forever
Independent of creed or belief
And as long as it’s there
And it always will be
You are special.

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