Mini-Course college trip to UF and UCF makes decision easier

Mini-Course college trip to UF and UCF makes decision easier

With the national May 1 college decision day approaching rather quickly, many of my fellow Academy senior classmates have narrowed down their lists of colleges and some have already decided.

Others are still completing pro-and-con lists as they try to decide between their top choices. Mini Course Week presented a great opportunity for these undecided seniors, including myself, to visit their possible future campuses or finalize their decision.

University of Central Florida was the first campus I visited during Mini Course Week. The drive to Orlando was pleasant as it only takes an average of two hours from my home in Tampa. Upon arriving at UCF, I was overwhelmed by its vastness. Even finding the main office seemed difficult. However, the layout of the entire campus forms a circle, which becomes easy to navigate once you know your general whereabouts. The students on campus were willing to offer their advice and the staff was knowledgeable in all aspects of the university.

I believe that for those students who want to dive into a giant student body, UCF would be for you. Those looking for a more one-on-one experience, this campus would make you uneasy, like I felt myself. The dorms were much nicer than expected. The typical dingy dorms you fear were nowhere to be found. All in all, UCF was a beautiful, newer campus with several amenities to fit your every need.

University of Florida was the second campus I toured. I had been to the campus several times to visit friends and attend sporting events, but never took a tour of the entire campus. I felt much more at ease with both the size and layout of UF. Again, the students and staff were more than willing to provide assistance to those visiting.

The campus seemed to hold a majestic feeling of pride. The school spirit of the students and alumni to state “I am a Florida Gator” made me yearn to find a school I can be enthusiastic about as well. The dorms are slightly older, but the students find ways to make do with the small area to create a space of their own to call home.

Although I have always been a diehard Florida State girl, I must admit that after visiting the campus, UF was not quite as bad as I made it out to be. Overall, I enjoyed my time at Florida and would recommend a visit to anyone remotely interested by all that the university has to offer.

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Mini-Course college trip to UF and UCF makes decision easier