FAU Campus Day clinches college decisions for two seniors

FAU Campus Day clinches college decisions for two seniors

Together with our mothers, we traveled down the Yeehaw Junction on our way to Boca Raton. After the four-hour drive from Tampa to Boca, we checked into our hotel and headed to the nearest mall.

A big part of selecting your future college is deciphering what aspects are important to you, including nearby attractions and night life. For the both of us, a large shopping mall and good restaurants were high on our list. We then explored stores like Tory Burch and American Apparel and knew we were at home.

The next day was the reason for our whole adventure to Boca Raton, which was to participate in Florida Atlantic’s Campus Day. Florida Atlantic was the first public university in southeast Florida and also the first in America designed for upper division students only. FAU has more than 30,000 freshmen, transfers and graduate students throughout their six-county service region.

The University is ranked as the most racially and culturally diverse institution in Florida’s State University System with 49 percent classified as minorities. Students from all 50 states and from over 180 countries attend and work at the University.

Dressed in sundresses and wearing freshly printed name tags, we were ready to take on the day. We were divided into groups based on our preferred majors so that we could learn more about pportunites relevant to our goals and needs.  Campus and resident hall tours were offered as well.

FAU Students have 170 degree programs to choose from.  As we explored the campus, we saw the new football stadium with 29,419 seats that opened in October 2011.

Throughout the day we somewhat learned our way around campus and were able to talk to current students about their experiences. FAU students have hundreds of student activities to choose from such as Greek life and pre-professional student associations.

The University provides a service called “Night Owls” who survey the campus and cater to students’ transportation needs. While on campus we saw many students with bikes or mopeds.  We agreed that those will be added to our college list along with a mini fridge and television.  But most of students time didn’t seem to be spent in the dorm.  When you don’t have classes,  there are many things to do around campus. The breezeway offers much time for socializing and broad food amenities.

One of the dorm halls “Indian River Tower” has a sunbathing deck. Also, a new hall will open in Fall 2013 where we both are going to live. Since the University is developing and expanding, many new features are becoming available to us.

When deciding where to go to college, you need to know what type of University you are seeking.  Decisions to make include whether the school needs to be new, large, private or public. Once you narrow those preferences down, you can use Naviance to help you figure out which schools are your “reach” schools and which provide the right education for you.

The next step is to talk to your parents and see what your realistic options are. Many students skip that crucial step and set themselves up for disappointment. After visiting, applying and then visiting again, you begin to form a “first choice.”    Use the time waiting for admissions decisions from colleges to apply for scholarships. Every little bit helps!

The trip to Boca was successful and enlightened us even more on our future home. Each aspect of FAU fits our individual expectations for college.

Once everything is said and done, when the decisions are made, all your hard work as an Academy girl has paid off.   You have completed your overall goal of the college process, finding what fits your needs!

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FAU Campus Day clinches college decisions for two seniors