Shape up for the new year


Seniors Hannah McCarthy, Casey Pluchino and Jessica Kandell are all smiles after a full day of working out

There is no surprise that the predominant New Year’s resolution is to join a gym and get in shape. Every year I promise that I will stick to my decision to work out every day and make healthy choices, and every year that promise falls apart after the first month.

So the question holds, is it possible to keep a new year’s resolution for an entire year?

In the past, I would tell myself to go outside for a run, clear my thoughts and de-stress. But then I look at the couch and the battle in my head begins.“I really should catch up on How I Met Your Mother. I can go for a run later.” The problem is that later becomes tomorrow, and tomorrow becomes the next day, and so on. My persistent procrastination that followed me into the New Year prevented me from accomplishing the goals I set for myself.

However, this year will be different from previous ones. I gathered my courage (and money) and joined Shapes Total Fitness for Women. The lack of men offers that same security that Academy provides: I am able to throw my hair on top of my head, wear no makeup and have sweat dripping off my face without feeling judged or self-conscious.

Joining this gym has greatly improved my health. There is something about walking in and feeling a sense of power and adrenaline. I want to show everyone that I can push myself to the limit and accomplish the goals I set. Instead of going home and lounging around, I have given myself a stricter schedule. Now, I go straight to the gym from school and then start my homework immediately after coming home.

The various classes that Shapes offers, such as kickboxing, yoga, spin and zumba, are my favorite features of the gym. When I simply run on the treadmill for forty minutes drenched in sweat, I may be burning calories, but I am also counting down the seconds to get off that dreadful machine. During a casual spin class, music blasts through the speakers and I know I am burning hundreds of calories while having fun.

Although I may be on a gym high right now, I have to remember that it still is the first month. There are going to be days where I know I am going to be sick and tired of this place, but I have to tell myself to push through. My friends help motivate me and keep me on track by joining me to the gym and the classes.

My new and improved healthy lifestyle will not happen over night. I know that it will take time and patience, but I am willing to put forth the effort so I can show it off in the future.