DIY Fall Monogram Wreath

Just because the temperature is still in the high 80’s, there is no doubt that places like Starbucks and boutiques are thinking it’s time for fall.  The time is now to put away all of your summer decorations and bring out your fall ones. Don’t have any fall decorations? No problem! Here is a simple wreath that is inexpensive and easy to make:

Supplies (can all be found at a local Michael’s)

  • 18 in. straw wreath
  • Pins
  • Wooden letters of your initials
  • Paint(of any color) and paint brushes
  • Felt leaves
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon


1. Wrap your ribbon around the wreath and secure it with pins(I chose a more rustic looking ribbon to give it a more fall look)


2. Hot glue gun all of the felt leaves to the wreath(have fun with this and place the leaves in an unorderly fashion)


3. Get some fun paint, and paint the wooden initials (and don’t forget to let them dry)


4. Hot glue gun the monogram wherever you choose on the wreath


5. Take more fun ribbon and create a nice big bow and pin it on


6. Hang it on the front door (or wherever else you would like)


7. Relax and enjoy fall!!

Courtesy of imgfave
Courtesy of imgfave