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Grace Toups
Grace Toups is a familiar face around Academy. Whether she encouraged us to have more school spirit, interviewed us for Achona, or as an Ambassador she helped us fall in love with AHN, we should all be able to recognize Grace’s adorable hiccup or her string bead. As a Senior member of Golden Girls, Achona Editor in Chief, and Ambassador VP of communications, she lives a busy, active lifestyle. Grace hops all over south tampa to work at her two jobs: Mr. Penguin and the YMCA. While these jobs may be temporary, Grace is getting some great experience because after high school, she wishes to pursue journalism hoping one day to be working her dream job: writing for a magazine. When Grace is not working, she is most likely instagraming from her bath tub to show off her latest Lush purchase. Her beachy personality is reflected in her favorite Pandora playlist: Jack Johnson radio; her favorite food: Hot Dogs; and finally her dream weekend: spending time with her friends and family at the beach.
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Grace Toups, Editor in Chief

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