Top 10 GIFS that reflect AHN students stress levels

With midterms around the corner and the quarter coming to an end, all Academy of the Holy Names students are feeling the stress and the pressure. These gifs best reflect why AHN girls are stressed and how they picture themselves in the process.


  1. When you feel like you need to get away and go to a remote island


  1.  When you don’t understand the lesson in math class?


  1. When you try to act like you’re not stressed


  1.  When your friends talk about what’s due in class


  1. When there are no words in the dictionary to accurately express how stressed you are


  1. When you’ve hit your max


  1. When your max no longer exists and everything tries you


  1. When a classmate asks what you’re suppose to do in class


  1. When you can’t handle anything that anyone says


  1. When eating is the only thing that calms your nerves