ACHONA’s Declassified Makeup Work Survival Guide


Credit: Karlee Nipper/ACHONAOnline

Missing school can be necessary to sick students, but most Academy girls agree that the makeup work from teachers can be a dealbreaker to giving up staying at home and resting and going to school and feeling miserable. For those of you who have lost the will to tough it out at school, ACHONA has this makeup work survival guide to get you back on your academic feet


Stay aware of what you’ve missed

Falling off the face of the earth may feel so blissful at first.. But it will really come back to bite you- hard. Yes, laying in bed with a migraine or sore throat is the last time you want to worry about the work you’re missing in school, but simply texting friends in your classes or logging on to haiku will really save you in the long run.

When your friend sends you that text letting you know  how much work you’ve actually missed. (Giphy)

One big mistake students make when they’re absent is straight away emailing teachers “What’s going on in class that I need to make up?” Teachers hate this! The academy has Haiku for the reason to keep students and teachers up to date on the events in class, so the teachers utilize it for that reason and you should too. Now, if you have a question on something go ahead and ask the teacher for clarity- this and scheduling in school makeups should be the only reason you’re emailing them.

How teachers feel when you email them about something they’ve already posted on Haiku. (Giphy)

Economics and Government teacher Beth Chase reacted to the above gif with laughter: “Yes, you girls never look at my Haiku posts!”

Create a catch-up plan

After absorbing the information about your makeup work, mold a plan that will get you back on track. Make a list and look at your week in a planner or agenda to determine when you’ll have time and energy to get that makeup work done. Especially, something along the lines of putting that makeup work in motion with the present work in those classes because you need to catch up not push everything back! Most importantly, talk to your teachers about your catch up plan and when you’ll be able to get those assignments or tests completed to them, so they know what to expect from you and you’re held accountable to the plan you made.

Almarosa Torres shares, “I think the hardest part about makeup work is that some teachers can make you feel like they expect all the work you missed the day you get back, but it should be a school-wide established policy that you deserve the same amount of days you missed to make up everything up. Most teachers do this, but I feel like it would be best if it was actually an official rule.”


You and your teacher once you’ve finalized a plan for your makeup work. (Giphy)

Keep a schedule of your makeup tests/quizzes/in class essays to avoid conflicts

During this makeup time, your planner is your best friend to lean on when scheduling tests/quizzes/in class assignments with teachers. You can’t do everything as soon as your teachers want it, so this is why it’s so important to talk to your teachers and consider the ones who will be patient with you or the ones who remind you about what you’ve missed everyday you see them in the hallways or in class. As much as we wish it did not, this factor will mostly determine which makeup work you get done first.

How it feels having teachers on you about getting that makeup work done (Giphy)

*Remember: If you’re getting over an illness, the best thing you can do is pace yourself. Trying to please all your teachers by cramming a week’s worth of work into one night just to get it to them the next day will only run you down more: making you susceptible to a relapse.


How it’ll feel when all the work is done. (Giphy)