10 Things We’re Leaving in 2015

Gabby Accardi , Senior Staff Writer

Over the past year society has gone through many ups and downs. There are many things that people look back on and ask themselves, “why would I ever do something/wear something like that?” It is time to be out with the old, and in with the new.

  1. Flipagram

The newest instagram fad is to put multiple photos into a five second video. No one can see the photos and it takes so long to create.

Jaime Jurado loved flipagrams at first but soon grew to hate them, “Flipagrams were fun to play around with, but after a while you can not see the photos. You have to watch them ten times in order to see one photo. It is pointless.”

Flipagram was the cool new thing in 2015, but lets keep it that way.
Photo Credit: Play Google
Flipagram was the cool new thing in 2015, but lets keep it that way.



2. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Everyone went crazy for Kylie Jenner’s lips and would go to any extent to get them. So many teens tried the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge with many fails.

Gretchen Swenson tried the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, “It actually hurt really bad. I will never do that again because it did not last very long.”  

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 10.36.48 AM
Kylie Jenner is showing off her new lipstick color in this photo. After all the hype from her lips, reality star decided to create a lipstick brand. Photo Credit: Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner)



3. Man Bun

The man bun was very popular in twenty fifteen not only with men, but also women. After a while the man bun sizzled out.

Man buns are an easy way to throw your hair up when you are in a rush.
Photo Credit: Gabby Accardi
Man buns are an easy way to throw your hair up when you are in a rush.

4. The Whip

Songs by Silento and iLoveMemphis were some of the top hits of 2015. They got so popular that it was one of those songs you could not listen to anymore.

Karianne Buser loves the whip, “The whip is so much fun and I love doing it with my friends. After a while though it becomes old. We should definitely leave it in 2015.”

5. Blue/Black vs. White/Gold Dress Debate

One of the biggest debates in 2015 revolved around the Black/Blue vs White/Gold dress. People got so irritated because some people saw blue and some people saw white.

Maddie Urso is convinced the dress is blue and black, “The dress is for sure blue and black!! I got in a fight with my friend because I know for a fact it is blue and black.”

What color do you see?
Photo Credit: CNN.com
What color do you see?

6. Yeezy for President

In 2015 Kanye West announced that he is running for president in the next election. Many people were taken back when West made his statement because he has never been involved in politics prior to this.

7. #SquadGoals

The big thing to say in 2015 was #SquadGoals. Everyone would compete with people to see whose “squad” was better than the other.

Mia Lopez loves her squad, “Everybody has their own squad and they all think that theirs is the best. I love my squad they are all my best friends.”

Credit: Gettyimages
Credit: Gettyimages

8. One Direction

During 2015 the boy group One Direction slowly fell apart. First Zayn left, then the group crumbled after that. Right now the group is taking a “break” so hopefully in 2016 they will make all their fans happy and come together again.

9. The peanut butter boy

Vine and Twitter fans everywhere grew to love the peanut butter boy in 2015. But just like everything that is funny, it always becomes overdone.

Gillian Anthony loves the peanut butter boy, “I love Vine and I love the peanut butter boy, but after a while it got old because people kept remaking it. Let’s keep it in 2015.”

10. Hotline Bling

The song “Hotline Bling” came out in late 2015 and grew to be one of the best songs. After being overplayed, everyone would make meme’s of the music video.