Many Academy students’ work have been showcased at the Tampa Museum of Art, exemplifying the immense talent and creativity of AHN students.
Many Academy students’ work have been showcased at the Tampa Museum of Art, exemplifying the immense talent and creativity of AHN students.
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Explore Tampa’s culmination of art through museums

1). The Tampa Museum of Art: 

Located in downtown Tampa, The Tampa Museum of Art allows visitors to study numerous exhibits in the midst of the busy metropolitan area. The museum showcases works from the Greek and Roman periods, modern works, and limited edition exhibitions. The Current exhibits include: “Embellish Me: Works from the Collection of Norma Canelas Roth and William Roth”, which explores the array of decorative patterns and designs the Roth couple created while in the ‘70s, “Vaughn Spann: Allegories”, which demonstrates the vibrant paintings Spann painted, and “The Last Picture Show: Paintings by Rod Penner”, which is a small selection that depicts forgotten towns in America. In addition, the museum often hosts events for Tampa citizens and also offers classes to aspiring artists. 

2). The Dalí 

The Salvador Dalí Museum is located in St.Petersburg and was dedicated to honor the work of Spanish surreal artist Salvador Dalí, with numerous exhibits highlighting specific genres of his work from across his career. The exhibits include “Dalí & Impressionists on View”, taking a closer look at the impressionist era, which inspired Dalí’s earlier works, and showcases pieces from twenty-two other impressionist artists, and the “Dalí Alive 360”, an interactive experience that allows visitors to view work in a three hundred sixty degree point of view. The Dalí is one of the most honored art galleries in Florida and works diligently to present an avant-garde experience for visitors.  


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3). The Ringling museum of art: 

The Ringling Museum is located in Sarasota and is adjacent to the Ringling Mansion. The gallery was established in 1927 to honor The Ringling family and is now owned by Florida State University. The museum features twenty-one galleries, each depicting European art from the medieval period to the 1800s. The inclusion of exhibitions vary, but include “Shinique Smith: Parade” exploring the human conditions expressed through art, and “Working Conditions” which uses photography to communicate the harsh working conditions Ringling employees endured. The Ringling Museum specifically highlights works that correlate to the Ringling community, and demonstrate its impact on society, as well as its connection to visual arts. 

4). Scarfone Hartley Gallery

Located on The University of Tampa’s campus, the Scarfone Hartley Gallery synthesizes artwork with learning and extends the work of art outside the typical classroom. Not only does the gallery feature artists from across the globe but also showcases art created by UT students and faculty. The gallery was opened in 1977 and has hosted four exhibitions throughout its history. In general, the museum focuses on expanding opportunities for students and gives Tampa residents an insight into the world of a college-aged student’s perception of the world around them. 

From inside the creative walls of Academy, Sophomore Kelsey Killogar demonstrates her passion for art through AHN art class: “This project was with an acrylic medium on a 16×22 canvas. I used just black and white to render this statue, and we were able to choose from either Grisaille or a monotone project. It was really fun, and I got to explore the endless possibilities of art.”

This piece, by Kelsey Killogar ’25, showcases the versatility of black and white shades in art. Photo Credit: Kelsey Killogar/Used with permission

Through the exploration of different art collections, visitors can witness a wider explanation of the human experience across time, the world, and groups of people. It is important to view the world through an artist’s perspective art offers a wonderful opportunity to express one’s feelings that can’t be put into words.

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