A Day in the Life of Sister Ann Regan


Credit: Audrey Diaz

Sister Ann observing and asking questions in a junior World Religions class.

Out of the entire faculty at the Academy of the Holy Names, one staff member stands out among the rest. Sister Ann Reagan has been at the Academy for many years, and continues to make the Academy a better place. This year, she assumed the responsibility of becoming the Interim Principal of the Academy. Working as a principal can be hard, yet Sister Ann admits she enjoys the power and interacting with students. Achona got the chance to ask Sr. Ann about her daily duties as principal, and here is what she shared:


  • wake up
  • Bay News Nine 
  • OJ and Yogurt
  • make myself beautiful
  • leave for church at 6:00

“Going to mass is one of my favorite parts of the day. I pray for all students and it helps me have a great start to the day.”

  • get to school around 7:30



  • try to find a class that will let me in to watch the morning show
  • observe classes
  • walk the halls
Sister Ann observing a freshman Civics class, taught by Ms. Filocco.  Credit: Audrey Diaz
Sister Ann walking the halls of the 2nd floor science wing. Photo Credit: Audrey Diaz
Sister Ann walking the halls of the 2nd floor science wing. Credit: Audrey Diaz


  • Administration meetings  



  • prepare reports
  • check email
Sister Ann responds to emails. Photo Credit: Audrey Diaz

Dismissal (2:50pm)

  • supervising supervisors
  • walk across the bridge
  • teachers come running



  • go home
  • go swimming
  • go on a walk

“Going for a walk helps me clear the mind.”



  • Watch the national news, Channel 13, Rays Baseball, and BBC
  • play solitaire

“I love playing games on my iPad!”


Favorite Part of the Day as Principal

  • Morning mass
  • Love being principal for one year
  • Getting to know every girl at Academy