Awkward Family Encounters Over the Holidays

Photo Credit: Keri Kelly

“Every year we go to Mass dressed really fancy. Then we go back to my Aunt’s house and throughout the night we’re peeling off layers and adding yoga pants and Christmas socks…so essentially we end up in Christmas sweaters.”

Every Christmas season, we are faced with seeing old family and friends whom we may or may not get along with. While most holiday family gatherings are warm, fuzzy, and treasured, some may leave us with some not so happy memories. Here are some awkward experiences  Academy girls have gone through during the Christmas Season:

My grandma wouldn’t let me use her toilet paper.
“When I was in the bathroom one christmas, my grandma saw me walking into her bathroom. Before she could stop me, I walked in and shut the door. All of a sudden I heard a banging on the door, and she screamed, ‘You better not be using my fancy toilet paper!’ She then kicked me out.” Skyler Martinez (Junior)

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“Last week at a Christmas party, my whole family asked, ‘What happened to that nice boy you were dating?’ Little did they know that after one year of dating, we broke up. My answer was ‘um.’ ” -Gabby Delp (Sophomore)

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I was called stupid!

“One time I was out with my Grandpa when his friend ran into us. The friend looked at me and said, ‘Is this the smart one that plays basketball?’ My grandpa replied, ‘NOPE!’ ”-Anonymous


 My Dad told me the truth about Santa in the meanest way possible.
“When I was nine, I asked, ‘Dad, when’s Santa coming?’ He then said, ‘Honey, if you see a strange white man in our living room, please scream and come get me.’”-Kaia Floyd (Junior)

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Weight Gain

Last year, my aunt told me, “Are you ok? It looks like you gained a ton of weight?!”- Emily Edbrooke (Sophomore)

The envelope of disappointment

“Last year my grandma got everyone a present but me. She just sent me an empty envelope.” -Kelsie Killian (Sophomore)

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Bathing suit season

Last Christmas when I got up to get a second serving of food, my Grandma looked at me and said, ‘Remember, bathing suit season is around the corner! Watch out!’ ”-Anonymous