Ways to Cope with Cramps


Photo credits: Piktochart.com / ACHONA online

The Academy sisters offer helpful tips to ease the pain of menstrual cramps.

Alexa Traviesa , Senior Staff Writer

Menstrual cramps can be overwhelmingly painful and uncomfortable. Some helpful tips from Academy students on how to ease the discomfort include:


Isabella Onken (‘18) says, “I suggest Midol medicine, then lie down in bed with a heating pad on. Have your favorite snack with you and watch your favorite show for at least an hour, then the pain should subside.” 

Photo credit: Alexa Traviesa / ACHONA online
Watching Netflix distracts you from the cramps and can help the pain subside.

Natalie Gillis (’22) says, “I watch a movie and snack on bark thins if I can. It makes the pain less noticeable.”