Starbucks’ new holiday menu delivers Christmas spirit


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The 2021 Starbucks Red Holiday cup design, offered free during the beginning of the season!

As we head cheerfully into December, Christmas excitement in the world around us only grows. Starbucks, often leading the Christmas season with its cheerful holiday drinks and special red cups, has fostered the winter spirit this upcoming season with its new 2021 holiday drinks menu. 

On November 3 2021, Starbucks announced its acclaimed holiday drink and treat line. The fresh menu included all-time favorites, like the Peppermint Mocha, while also introducing Starbucks fans to the new Almond milk Sugar Cookie Latte.  

Drinks are not the only way to spread holiday cheer, as the Reindeer Cake Pop and Snowman Cookie appeared on the menu as well. For those who dearly love the autumn menu favorites, the holiday menu still holds popular fall flavors, including the Pumpkin Cream Coldbrew and Pumpkin Spice Latte. 



Homebodies who enjoy brewing their at-home coffee can also participate in the coffee chain’s holiday festivities. These home-brew varieties and festive flavors include the popular Starbucks holiday blend and introduce the new Gingerbread Flavored Coffee K-Cup. As the new flavors arrived, many were quick to give their opinion on their holiday favorites and dislikes on the menu. Across the board, feelings on the new Sugar Cookie Almond Milk latte were mixed, while holiday classics continued to be cherished. 



With the new dairy-free drink option, ideas for more vegan substitutions arose as well. Overwhelmingly, many feel the new sweet pastry-flavored latte is better enjoyed with oat milk, rather than almond milk. Nonetheless, Starbucks’ addition of the non-dairy holiday option is considered a significant step towards more options for vegan and dairy-free customers. Additionally, each year, Starbucks’ enjoyers around the globe excitedly wait to see the annual red holiday cup designs. These beloved red cups are a widespread symbol of the holiday season, providing Christmas spirit for many. 



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Though the holiday menu arrives differently each year, the holiday drinks and treats continue to remain a festive and delicious way to celebrate the holiday season. 



Junior, Rosie Mele, most enjoys the favored Irish Cream Cold Brew, Starbucks’ winter cold brew, offered by their holiday menu each year. 

“The chocolate taste in the Irish Cream Cold Brew drink makes it my go-to Christmas Starbucks drink!” Mele says.