South Tampa is home to many different local restaurants/dessert spots that are perfect for a break after a long school day.
South Tampa is home to many different local restaurants/dessert spots that are perfect for a break after a long school day.
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My top 5 after-school spots in South Tampa

1. CUP (Coffee Uniting People)– My go-to coffee spot in Tampa is CUP, which is located on Dale Mabry, and is a great place to relax and meet new friends. CUP hires employees with and without disabilities, so the environment is very inclusive and positive. It is also a non-profit coffeehouse, so getting your coffee here is a win-win! Their pastries and drinks are delicious, and I recommend trying their strawberry croissant- it is unique and amazing. Anna, a junior at Academy is excited to begin her volunteering at CUP later this year. “I can’t wait to start helping the employees at CUP, and I am so excited to become friends with them”(Anna Prieto ‘25) The employees there are all so helpful and sweet, and they are guaranteed to make you smile!


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2. Storm Healthy Energy- This is a very popular spot for Academy girls, especially after school. It is right across the street, so at around 2:40, you can spot many high schoolers in their uniforms making their way across the bridge and out of the gate heading towards Storm. Storm offers protein shakes, smoothies, acai bowls, and the infamous Storm drinks. The drinks are packed with vitamins and green tea, and they are offered in a variety of different flavors. My favorite drink to order is the Watermelon Sugar, because I really enjoy the flavor and it gives me tons of energy for practice after school. Student-athletes at AHN especially love this spot and usually go before big games, competitions, or workouts.

3. Pane Rustica- Another Academy girl favorite is a delicious Italian restaurant and bakery that is also located across the street called Pane Rustica. Their employees are so nice, and their pizza is amazing! When I was a freshman, many of the girls in my grade and I spent our time talking about school, making new friends, and studying here. Natalie Marks, a senior at Academy, states that her favorite food item on the menu is the Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich, and describes it as “a delicious option that is the perfect after-school snack”. This restaurant is definitely an Academy Girl staple!!

4. Bare Naked Kitchen- Located on Henderson Boulevard, this healthy restaurant is the perfect spot for getting schoolwork done after school. The tables are big, and the lighting is bright, which makes the environment perfect for this. Also, the food is so yummy, and I crave it all the time. The Mixed Kale Caesar Salad is delicious, and the chickpeas and avocado that are in it elevate it to a whole new level. Another recent favorite of mine from the menu is the Tampa Hot Bowl. The chicken in it is crispy, but it also has a kick because of the spice. Overall, this is a modern, quiet, and perfect spot for grabbing a quick bite or getting some work done after school.


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5. Chill Bros- If you are craving a yummy sweet treat after school, head on over to Chill Bros, located on Bay to Bay Boulevard. It is about two minutes away from the Academy, which makes it a perfect dessert spot. The ice cream shop’s aesthetic is adorable, and the ice cream is delicious and creamy. They offer so many different flavors and have many different vegan options. I recommend the double-down Oreo flavor, which can be offered in a cup, waffle cone, or in the form of a milkshake.

I hope inspiration can be found from this list, and maybe a new spot can be discovered in South Tampa to enjoy free time in.

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