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Schoolchildren with allergies have a daily struggle to find foods they can eat at school.

Food Allergies: More Prevalent Than People Think

Gigi Alfonso, Sophomore Staff Writer
October 2, 2020
Ms. Filocco selected cauliflower for one of her lunch side items and says

Eating Healthy at SAGE with Ms. Filocco

Alexis Alvarez, Junior Staff Writer
March 29, 2017
(Credit: Jessica Zakhary/Achona Online) Breakfast will be available 7:15-7:45 am on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays and 7:45-8:15 am on Wednesdays.

Breakfast Comes To Sage

Jessica Zakhary, Senior Staff Writer
February 2, 2017
Sage updates their menu and receives positive responses from AHN girls. Credit: Sophia Mastro/ Achona Online

Sage Updates Their Menu

Sophia Mastro, Senior Staff Writer
October 2, 2016
(Photo Credit: Keri Kelly/Achona Online) Sage is actually on the lower end of the cost spectrum compared to the other two tenders sampled. A three piece chicken tender meal (including drink & sauce) at PDQ is $7.29. The same at Chick-fil-a is $6.25. The same at Sage is $5.20.

Is Sage’s Food Worth the Cost?

Keri Kelly, Junior Staff Writer
May 31, 2016
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