Cavesha Anderson: A new stride in faith

Cavesha Anderson: A new stride in faith


On the morning of April 16, Cavesha Anderson sat among her senior classmates awaiting the start of the school-wide Easter Mass. Students had just recently returned from their spring break vacations, ready to take on the last few weeks of school. But this was not just any school Mass for Anderson. This would be the morning of her First Communion.


Earlier the same morning, Cavesha Anderson was Baptized in the beautiful Chapel of Blessed Marie Rose Durocher. Her family was present  to witness this special occasion of becoming a part of the Catholic faith. Her sponsors, Sister Ann Regan, Sister Lilian Schnider, Sister Mary Glavin, Sister Anne Doherty, and Sister Mary Patricia Plumb also stood by Anderson’s side in the Chapel.  

“I’ve always known I wanted to be Catholic since I stepped on to Academy grounds. I’ve been inspired by everyone’s devotion to their faith. I wanted to be a part of that.”

As the Mass began, Academy President Aurthur Raimo announced that Cavesha had taken the first steps as a practicing Catholic and that she would be receiving the Holy Communion for the first time.

“Now, I feel new and happy, and as if I really belong.”, she said.

Cavesha feels that she has reached a new level of bonding and acceptance from her friends, peers and her faith. She hopes to find the same kind of acceptance in Florida State University, where she will be attending beginning next fall.

“I’ve bonded to people here in a different way, she said, “We’re actually spiritually combined like one big family. I hope to find that in college too.”

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Cavesha Anderson: A new stride in faith