Apps for editing media? Here are a few to consider…

With iPads coming into play next year, students will be allowed to work and carry all their projects with them. As far as editing media goes, Apple’s iLife has it covered for both Macbook and iPad users. iLife includes iMovie, GarageBand, and iPhoto.

  • iMovie lets you create stunning projects right at your finger tips. iMovie allows you to record videos and photos on your iPhone and edit on your iPad. Editing is a breeze; simply drag, drop, and trim clips. Your fingers are the tools as you split and splice the clips. When the video is finished, you can upload it to Youtube right from iMovie.
  • GarageBand is perfect for voice recordings and voiceovers which is a necessary part of newscasts. On the more musical side, GarageBand gives you the opportunity to play a variety of virtual instruments and create tracks and songs.
  • iPhoto allows even beginners to edit photos with ease. A simply swipe with your fingers can straighten, crop, or brighten a photo.

Do you have a favorite app, media or otherwise?  Let us hear from you at [email protected]


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Apps for editing media? Here are a few to consider…