President Obama elected to second term – and social media responds

President Obama elected to second term - and social media responds

President Barack Obama waves to supporters at his election-night headquarters as he celebrates his re-election on Wednesday, November 7, 2012, in Chicago, Illinois.

Caroline de Quesada, Co-Editor

The 2012 Presidential Election has finally come to a conclusion! No longer will your favorite television program be plagued with political ads that berate politicians from both parties. Around 11:30 yesterday evening, news outlets began declaring President Obama as the winner of the Election.

Twitter immediately blew up with tweets from both Romney and Obama supporters. In fact, social media sites provided the most up to date updates to users. Many Americans found out who their next president would be via Twitter or FaceBook.

Although Mitt Romney took an early lead in both the popular and electoral vote, Barack Obama finished the election with a staggering 303 electoral votes and 50% of the popular vote. The Swing State of Ohio was decisively called as a Democratic state. Interestingly, Libertarians accumulated 1% of the popular vote – an impressive feat for a third party.

Control of the House majority went to the Republican Party, while the Senate was split fairly evenly. Many Americans fear that the liberal President will not be able to accomplish much with a staunchly conservative House and that bipartisanship is the answer to uniting the country.

Monumental votes include the election of the first openly gay senator to Congress, the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Washington and Colorado, the legalization of marijuana for medical use in Massachusetts, and the legalization of gay marriage in Maryland. Regardless of each voter’s political affiliation, the results of this election has changed the demographics of voter preferences.