If “The Notebook” Was Set in 2015


Credit: @the_notebook on Instagram. Noah and Allie would never venture outside but instead watch a lot of Netflix.

Grace Baxter, Senior Staff Writer


  • The future Noah and Allie would be living in a country with Beyonce as President.
  • Noah reads Allie the story from a Kindle.
  • Noah would be played by Dylan O’Brien and Allie would be played by Cara Delevingne
  • Instead of being an heiress, Allie would be a popular Instagram blogger.
  • Noah would first see Allie when her selfie was retweeted onto his timeline.
  • Noah would slide in Allie’s dms on Twitter, not at a carnival.
  • Noah would try to get Allie’s attention by persistently favoriting her tweets.
  • Noah and Allie fall in love through them watching their favorite Netflix show together.
  • Noah would work at McDonalds.
  • Instead of lying in the street to be dangerous, Noah and Allie would Parkour.
  • Noah would discover the house he rebuilds on a Tumblr art blog.
  • Noah would send Allie a text everyday for a year, but he didn’t realize Allie’s mom changed her iMessage email.
  • image1 3
    Allie would have to go through a year’s worth of text messages. Undoubtedly, her phone would crash half way through. Credit: @the_notebook on Instagram
  • Noah would deploy to Afghanistan, not to Europe in WWII.
  • Allie would think of Noah everytime she checked her TimeHop.
  • Allie’s fiance Lon Hammond would be a popular Vine star.
  • Noah would see Allie again when he drove past her in an Uber.
  • Adele’s “Hello” would play when Noah and Allie saw each other again.
  • Noah would figure out to build a house via Pinterest DIY articles.
  • Allie’s painting passion would instead be taking Tumblr pictures.
  • Allie would find out about Noah’s house through a Buzzfeed article.
  • Lon Hammond would find out where Allie was from her Snapchat story.
  • Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean” would play when Allie is deciding who to pick.
  • Noah would find out Allie was coming back through a subtweet.
  • Noah and Allie don’t worry as much about the threat of divorce because statistics show divorce rates are
  • down since the 1940s!
Beyonce would be President for these two and "Run the World (Girls)" would be the national anthem. Credit: @thenotebookquotess on Instagram
Beyonce would be President for these two and “Run the World (Girls)” would be the national anthem.
Credit: @thenotebookquotess on Instagram