The Great Nature Project


Jessica Jurado

Pictures are received from all over the world daily, even the celebs are joining in!

Nature is all around us. No matter how many roads we lay or how many concrete capitals we build, nature will always continue to grow through the cracks. It is strong, adaptable, and vast. Yet, we live alongside it casually, never stopping to admire the ecosystems supported by even just a simple tree.
Upon a closer look, our world around us is filled with life both seen and unseen. Busy life styles tend to blur everything but the goal, allowing eye-opening opportunities and breathtaking sights to be passed by without a second glance. These days, many people are more wrapped up in the small digital screen displaying text messages and social media updates than the subtle signs of life growing in every crevice. However, National Geographic has found a way to combine these two close yet distanced worlds.
The Great Nature Project is an outreach program designed to involve social media in boosting awareness of the natural environment in which we coexist. By posting pictures of animals and plants to sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr with the hash tag “GreatNature”, these pictures are automatically uploaded to the Great Nature Project’s world map.
Not only will your pictures be shown to all those around the world, credited to your username, but you will assist National Geographic in breaking the Guinness World Record of the largest online photo album of animals.
How to participate:
1. Get outside and snap a photo of a plant or animal in your area (no landscapes)
2. Upload your photo (make sure location services are on) to any of these sites using the hash tag #greatnature (add #animal if the picture contains an animal):
– Twitter
– Instagram
– Flickr
3. See your photo and others from around the world at