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This cover features five of the new teachers, including Diana Rodriguez, Damien Wulff, Colleen Obremski, Kerlyn Camp, and Christina Long.

Academy Welcomes New Teachers (VIDEO)

Isabel Bequer, Sophomore Staff Writer
September 14, 2020
Photo credit: Katherine Rodriguez/Achona online/Piktochart
Each grade will be given a section of the fourth floor to create art on the walls.

Academy’s Plan for Murals in the School

Katherine Rodriguez, Senior Staff Writer
February 5, 2019
Paige Rodriguez has served on the Dominican Republic mission trip for 5 years: twice as an AHN student, once as an FSU student, and twice so far as a teacher.

Paige Rodriguez Draws Her Life

Isabella Thorpe, Senior Staff Writer
October 31, 2018
Asolo Theatre comes to AHN to perform for the high school classes.

Asolo Comes to Academy

Chloe Boos, Senior Staff Writer
October 16, 2018
Arts Fest Preview

Arts Fest Preview

Haiqa Mian, Arts and Entertainment Editor
April 25, 2018
“The most common thing that people ask me is if I use markers, which I don’t. I use color pencils and pens with all of my drawings,” says Bailey.

Lily Bailey Describes Her Artwork

Mei Lamison, Sophomore Staff Writer
April 23, 2018
The museum was established in 1927, and was founded to promote art education.

Art Students Travel to the Ringling Museum

Mei Lamison, Sophomore Staff Writer
March 8, 2018
The Rise of Instagram Themes

The Rise of Instagram Themes

Gracie Wipfli, Senior Staff Writer
January 26, 2018
(Photo Credit: Cristina Suarez-Solar/ Used with permission) Thespian Districts takes place all in one day.

AHN Thespians Attend Districts

Gracie Wipfli, Senior Staff Writer
October 13, 2017
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