AHN Uniform Bottoms: Is there a solution? (OPINION)


Lily Lopez: Achona Online

Current AHN uniform

This topic is definitely a sensitive one within the AHN community. There is always a debate about whether or not the skorts are a good choice of uniform for students. The skorts have been  a part of the AHN uniform for some time now. So, do we keep the tradition alive, or do we start fresh?

Kylie Beil (22) says, “My skort is either way too small or way too big, no skort ever fits me properly.”

Besides the fact that the skorts are too short, they fit a very specific body type. They are either way too long and way too big around the waist, or way too short and way too small around the waist. 

Skye Larkowski (22) said, “My skirt is too short because of how tall I am. If I were to get a larger size, the skirt would fall right off of my waist.”

There is a pant option for students, but similarly to the skort, it has fit issues. 

Reese Macdiarmid said, “The pants have never fit me. The waist to length ratio is always off so my pants are either too short or too big around my waist.”

One way to resolve this problem is to look into other skirt options for the high school. Specifically, skirts that can fit a variety of body types. For example, a pleated skirt is much more versatile than our current skorts. The waistline and length are easier to alter, and they are more flowy which allows for more room. 

Assistant Principal Erin Krukar said, “We are investigating new skort options that provide more room for students to move. We are also looking into skorts with better sizing options.”

Another way to resolve this problem would be to loosen the dress code requirements for the skort. This would make it so that people who have problems with the skort fitting properly have some more wiggle room when it comes to being dress coded.