Dance “Horror Stories” as told by the Seniors


Credit: Remi Storch(used with permission)

Seniors get together to take a picture of their middle school squad

Caroline Swenson, Senior Staff Writer

While most Academy girls have very fond memories of school dances, there are many girls that have cringe worthy stories. Some of the AHN seniors have shared their awkward experiences in hopes that these bad times will never happen again, especially to their sisters. Below are a few of the top dance horror stories shared by our seniors.

Remi Storch: “Freshman year my date ripped my dress, put in earphones in the limo ride home, and then at the after party went downstairs by himself and played the piano alone.”


AND this year at Jesuit prom my date picked his nose at the dinner table.”


Ashley Repar: “This year at Jesuit prom my date escaped within the first 30 minutes and left me there by myself; I don’t know where he went.”


Aisling Carr: “My formal date has a girlfriend who lives in Utah, so at dinner and at formal, he was constantly texting and snapchatting her. He even made me get in some of the selfies ((for his girlfriend!!!)) at dinner. He even shared my Snapchat so she could snapchat me DURING DINNER AND THE DANCE so that she could see pics and videos of him.”


Skyler Sinardi: “I forgot my boutonniere, so I had to pick a flower from a bush and pin it on my date.”


Alejandra Lozano: “At every dance, the photographer always seems to catch Grace Baxter sassing out Andrew.”

Grace Baxter caught in the act of giving her boyfriend sass.
Credit: Alejandra Lozano(used with permission)
Grace Baxter caught in the act of giving her boyfriend sass.