Teacher Starter Packs

What is a starter pack? Ask anyone who is active on their Twitter account because they have been bombarded with this latest internet trend. The idea of the “Starter Pack” is essentially to put together four items that are unique and habitual to a specific person. Almost, if anyone wanted to be the person what would they need? Like ingredients to a recipe and the person is the final product. Anonymous Twitter accounts have conquered the internet with starter packs for stereotypes including “Soccer Mom” and several others somewhat unique to the generation. As well as the anonymous accounts, those with personal accounts have joined the trend by adding starter packs about their friends. ACHONA has taken the challenge to Academy, and created these Starter Packs for our favorite people: The Teachers.

Mrs. Kearney’s Starter Pack

photo 1


Mr. Ruano’s Starter Pack



Mrs. Adams’ Starter Pack

photo 3


Mrs. LeBlanc’s Starter Pack

photo 5


And finally, for last, we have someone whose Starter Pack can be summed up into just one picture.

Mr. Sloshberg’s Starter Pack

photo 2 fix