The Ten Stages of Becoming Obsessed with Hamilton

Hamilton, one of the most successful, Tony-award winning, Broadway shows opened in New York in 2015. Since it’s opening, the hip-hop musical about the life of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton has swept the nation and tickets have become nearly impossible to acquire.

Sophomore Greta Dieck says, “I admit, I have not always been interested in American History. After listening to Hamilton, I immediately fell in love with the story and started to enjoy history.”


In fact, most Hamilton fans have never even seen the show! Since viewing the show live is a feat in itself, Academy girls have managed to make do by listening to the soundtrack while Simultaneously developing a very-real obsession for Hamilton.  Here are the ten stages of becoming Hamilton obsessed:

1.    You start hearing the buzz about some new show called Hamilton, and you have no idea about what all the hype is about. Like wasn’t he some president or something?

Lost & Found Music Studios maggie lost and found landf nbd

2.     You finally decide to see what all the hype is about, so you take it upon yourself to start listening to it

lets do this reactions liz lemon its on

3.     And you realize it isn’t half bad!

obama nod nodding not bad

4.    You finally sit down and pay more attention to this Broadway album than you ever have to any History class.

listening ron swanson nick offerman headphones

5.    It soon becomes your workout playlist, and you begin a habit of hardcore rapping about the Constitution while on a run.

getting on hbo

6.     You take it upon yourself to evangelize your peers into the magic of Hamilton

hamilton hamilton public

7.    You start watching interviews of the Lin-Manuel Miranda and the rest of the Hamilton cast, and realize they are the most perfect people alive

The GRAMMYs hamilton grammys 2016 flag puerto rico

8.    You do a quick search to see if you can possibly find a few cheap tickets, and you can quite literally hear your computer laugh back at you.


9.    The realization hits that for the time being, you just have to settle for listening to the soundtrack

Bachelor in Paradise crying bip nick viall season 3

10.    But you know deep-down, one day you will get to be in “The Room Where it Happens”. One day!

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