Netflix Removes Popular Shows and Movies


Photo Credit: Haiqa Mian/Achona Online

Netflix monitors other websites in order to decide what shows to purchase.

Every month Netflix removes the movies and tv shows that are no longer popular or whose contracts have not been renewed. This month Netflix is going to remove about 48 shows and movies. Here are the most popular movies and shows being taken off:

Removed October 1, 2017

30 Rock: Seasons 1-7

“30 Rock” is about a woman named Liz Lemon who becomes the head writer of a sketch comedy show. She must write a successful show all while dealing with a pretentious boss and an insane new star.

Friday Night Lights: Seasons 1-5

“Friday Night Lights” is a show about a coach, Eric Taylor, becoming head coach of the football team and Quarterback, Jason Street, being injured and paralyzed in the first game of the season. The show takes place in Dillon, Texas, a fictional town. Taylor’s goal is to get the Dillon Panthers to the state championship and his career as the coach depends on it.

Happy Feet

In this children’s movie, emperor penguins find their soul mates through singing. A penguin is born who cannot sing, but is an amazing dancer.


Love Actually

“Love Actually” follows the intertwined lives of eight couples who are dealing with their love lives before Christmas. The stories of these couples takes place in London, England. The sequel called “Red Nose Day Actually” has officially been announced.

Malcolm in the Middle: Seasons 1-7

“Since, Frankie, the main character from “Malcolm in the Middle”, is now on “Dancing with the Stars”, I wanted to rewatch all of my favorite episodes. I am disappointed that Netflix took it off because it was a show I enjoyed watching with my brothers,” says Jules LaVoy (‘18).

One Tree Hill: Seasons 1-9

Alexis Ortega (‘19) says, “I’m mad that they took it off Netflix, because it was a show where I could just watch random episodes when I didn’t know what to watch next, and it would make me so happy and help me destress.”

Prison Break: Seasons 1-4

When Michael Scofield’s brother is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and put on death row, Scofield gets himself arrested and put in prison to help his brother break out.


Gabby Galvez (‘18) says, “I am sad Titanic was taken off of Netflix because it is a classic and I believe it is a movie that everybody should see.”

Being removed October 21, 2017

Bones: Seasons 5–11

“I grew up watching “Bones” with my family and it’s upsetting that they’re taking it off of Netflix because I won’t be able to rewatch it if I ever want to,” says Emma Sewell (‘18).