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The bills passed by Florida governer Ron Desantis have been met with some controversy.

Florida enacts new education laws

Isabel Bequer, Managing Editor
April 26, 2022
Between three and four students of the entire high school, 0.6%, check out library books daily.

A Cultural Cri— TL;DR (OPINION)

Chloe Mintz, Sophomore Staff Writer
October 25, 2019
Three years after its publication, Big Little Lies debuted  on HBO as a limited series in 2017.

Book Review: Liane Moriarty’s “Big Little Lies”

Chloe Mintz, Sophomore Staff Writer
September 13, 2019
People who read are two and half times less likely to get Alzheimers.

Reading For Fun On the Decline

Haiqa Mian, Arts and Entertainment Editor
November 1, 2017
Lindsey Perez (18) says, Summer reading’s purpose is to help start the beginning of the school year so that we already have something to do.”

The Purpose of Summer Reading

Haiqa Mian, Arts and Entertainment Editor
September 3, 2017
Reading actually enhances and widens a persons memory as they take in more information and make room for more connections.

Top Books to Read in 2017

Kendall Bulleit, Editor-In-Chief
January 11, 2017
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