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Chloe Mintz

Chloe Mintz, Editor-in-Chief

Chloe Mintz is an Academy senior, a third-year journalist, and Editor-in-chief of Achona. When she’s not playing lacrosse; cheerleading for Jesuit; or leading Well-Read Women, Chloe enjoys Pelotoning, reading, and watching foreign television. When she’s not participating in one of her many other activities, Chloe often indulges in Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Protein Granola, which she often pairs with a Celcius energy drink. A need-to-know fact about this year’s Editor-in-chief is her love for replicating the vernacular of an elderly man through the use of phrases such as “oh fiddlesticks” and “fudge nuggets.”  Chloe has an affinity for English, as it is her favorite subject, and this love for literature stems from the opportunity to immerse herself in a new environment separate from her day-to-day stresses. This appreciation for English, as well as her interest in politics, has inspired her to pursue a career in journalism or foreign policy, preferably whilst attending Boston College, Dartmouth College, or Georgetown University.  This year, Chloe is excited to be accepted into one of her top colleges as well as making this year of Achona TBOY.




All content by Chloe Mintz
This years Editor-in-Chief, Chloe Mintz (22), was a member of the Achona staff for three years, first serving as a staff writer her sophomore year.  Following in the footsteps of her predecessors, Mintz address the Achona in an open letter to conclude her career as a member of the school newspaper.

An Open Letter to Achona

Chloe Mintz, Editor-in-Chief
May 26, 2022
To celebrate the holiday, the AHN mothers association decorated the senior lounge with Galentines Day banners and cut-out hearts.

Every day is Galentine’s Day (VIDEO)

Chloe Mintz, Editor-in-Chief
February 23, 2022
I think its safe to say that nobody wants to see another new variant of concern in 2022, says Oregon Health & Science  University Professor Judy Guzman-Cottrill.

Say it with me, Omicron

Chloe Mintz, Editor-in-Chief
January 21, 2022
Having spent months in isolation, the prospect of re-entering society is marginally alarming. To ease my anxiety, Ive sought comfort in the wise words of Mindy Kaling: if youve got it, flaunt it. If you dont got it, flaunt it. Cause what are we even doing here if were not flaunting it?

En Vogue: Summer 2021

Chloe Mintz, Multimedia Editor
May 20, 2021
Heres to 2021, a year in which we will cultivate mental stability and restore balance to our chaotic lives.

5 Mindful Habits to Practice this Year

Chloe Mintz, Multimedia Editor
January 26, 2021
A devoted supporter of Notre Dames Fighting Irish, Plumb is pictured with a statue of renowned Coach Knute Rockne.

Academy Legacy SMPP Passes Away at 83

Chloe Mintz, Multimedia Editor
January 13, 2021
Dash & Lily is neither clumsy nor cheap-looking. The shows saccharine candy shell soon melts to reveal a richer emotional core, says Robyn Bahr of the Hollywood Reporter.

A Series Review: Netflix’s Dash & Lily

Chloe Mintz, Multimedia Editor
December 11, 2020
Your generation could certainly be environmental vigilantes. Its your generation thats driving this trend change and Im just following the cues of what an emerging consumer class is asking corporations to make. - Eric Mintz

Reuse, Reduce, Consume

Chloe Mintz, Multimedia Editor
November 16, 2020
With September 22 marking the beginning of autumn, apple cider cupcakes (as well as other fall favorites) are a great way to ring in the new season.

I Smell Fall (VIDEO)

Chloe Mintz, Multimedia Editor
October 9, 2020
The enneagram does not put you in a box. It shows you the box youre already in and how to get out of it. - Ian Cron

Understanding The Enneagram

Chloe Mintz, Multimedia Editor
September 16, 2020
Whats also really sad is we wont be able to have any parents or fans on the pool deck this year. it will just be the teams, says Elizabeth McCree (22).

Fall Sports Amid Covid-19

Chloe Mintz, Multimedia Editor
September 4, 2020
Psomi refers to the best bite, the “choice” piece, the crumb that everyone at the table fights over. Whether you’re a local or just passing through- Psomi is more than just an incredibly delicious, beautiful bakery + eatery, it’s a place to call home. -Christina Theofilos

Psomi on Noho: A Restaurant Review

Chloe Mintz, Multimedia Editor
August 28, 2020
“If youve got it, flaunt it. And if you dont got it? Flaunt it. Cause what are we even doing here if were not flaunting it?” -Mindy Kaling

Talkin’ Bodies (Opinion)

Chloe Mintz, Sophomore Staff Writer
May 22, 2020
Though cinnamons rolls are often associated with North American culture, the sweet roll is actually of Scandinavian origin. (In spite of our inability to travel, the kitchen can provide a taste of the outside world.)

I’m not hungry. I’m just bored. (VIDEO)

Chloe Mintz, Sophomore Staff Writer
April 7, 2020
I have chosen to no longer be apologetic for my femaleness and my femininity. And I want to be respected in all of my femaleness because I deserve to be, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

An Open-Letter to Young Women

Chloe Mintz, Sophomore Staff Writer
March 30, 2020
Foreign television provides a glimpse into another country with another culture, yet emphasizes the similarities unifying all  humankind.

Entertainment Xenophobia (OPINION)

Chloe Mintz, Sophomore Staff Writer
February 28, 2020
Soul food is a coined term that brilliantly captures the humanity and heroic effort of African-Americans to overcome centuries of oppression and create a cuisine that deliciously melds the foods and cooking techniques of West Africa, Western Europe, and the Americas. - Adrian Miller

BHM: A Soul Food How-To

Chloe Mintz, Sophomore Staff Writer
February 19, 2020
To be honest, it kind of depends, I am excited because there are going to be so many new opportunities as an adult, yet Im also scared of what the future holds and going away to college,  shares Sydney Thomas (23).

…And Many More: The Birthday Dilemma (OPINION)

Chloe Mintz, Sophomore Staff Writer
February 4, 2020
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future, Jeremiah 29:11.

Class of 2022 Attends the Sophomore Retreat

Chloe Mintz, Sophomore Staff Writer
December 10, 2019
Florida is home to one of the largest Holocaust museums in the nation.

Sophomores Attend The Florida Holocaust Museum

Chloe Mintz, Sophomore Staff Writer
November 22, 2019
The energy was very good this weekend, all the students and parents asked some very good questions, and were all hopeful for another good class, says college counselor Kerry Keegan.

Academy Holds Annual Open House

Chloe Mintz, Sophomore Staff Writer
November 6, 2019
As high school students transitioning into adulthood, ones perspective regarding both their faith and personal beliefs begins to evolve.

Let’s Get Real: Exploring Our Faith (PODCAST)

Chloe Mintz, Sophomore Staff Writer
November 4, 2019
Between three and four students of the entire high school, 0.6%, check out library books daily.

A Cultural Cri— TL;DR (OPINION)

Chloe Mintz, Sophomore Staff Writer
October 25, 2019
Known for her characteristically long social media captions, Caroline Calloway gained a substantial Instagram following by late 2013.

Masters of Deception: Another Social Media Fraud

Chloe Mintz, Sophomore Staff Writer
September 19, 2019
Three years after its publication, Big Little Lies debuted  on HBO as a limited series in 2017.

Book Review: Liane Moriarty’s “Big Little Lies”

Chloe Mintz, Sophomore Staff Writer
September 13, 2019
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