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Allyson Smith
Allyson Smith is an Academy sophomore and first-year Sophomore Staff Writer. Smith is passionate about history and politics. Her favorite class is AP European History, as she enjoys the discussions and getting to hear multiple perspectives on each topic. She is an avid golf player and is looking forward to her first year on the Academy golf team. When she isn’t working on her swing or studying for her honors classes, Smith enjoys photography, photoshopping, playing with her dog, Cupcake, and  listening to music, specifically Spanish and country music. Her favorite artist is J. Balvin, and her favorite song is “Rosa.” She loves her Spanish heritage, and her favorite part of it is the language, as it is spoken differently in Spain than in Latin America. Many members of Smith’s family live in Spain, and while she cannot see them often, she connects with them through their shared culture. After high school, Smith hopes to attend Auburn University and study abroad in Spain.

Allyson Smith, Sophomore Staff Writer

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Allyson Smith