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Anika Schmid
Anika Schmid is an Academy senior and first-year staff writer at Achona. Anika has been a member of the National Beta Club and  SWAT club at Academy. Anika considers English as her favorite subject and is passionate about journalism. She has a growing interest in literature since she likes writing, reading, and analyzing literature. Anika is excited for her senior year at Academy and is hopeful that she’ll see her friends after quarantine. In her free time, Anika likes to write stories, read, and listen to music. Anika would like to go to a local Florida college and plan to major in English, literature, writing, or journalism. She likes to shop at Hot Topic, Etsy, and Redbubble. Her favorite animal is a panda, her favorite book series is Artemis Fowl, and she loves the show The Umbrella Academy. Anika loves the movie "Tangled", and her favorite Disney princess is Rapunzel. Anika tested to be an INFJ, the rarest type, on the Myer-Briggs personality test. She likes to dye her hair bright colors during her summer vacations, such as purple, pink, and blue.

Anika Schmid, Senior Staff Writer

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Anika Schmid