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Anna Anderson
Anna Anderson is a sophomore at the Academy of the Holy Names and is a contributing author for the second year. She is passionate about her Catholic faith. Anderson’s articles are mostly faith based, which led to a new section being added to Achona, “Spirit on Fire.” She plans to become a Salesian Sister, and has devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary, Help of Christians. Anderson is an aspiring author, and hopes to walk in the footsteps of her great-great uncle, Fr. Peter Rinaldi. She is also very passionate about the pro-life movement, and knows that abortion stops one heart and breaks another. Anderson believes that women deserve better than abortion, and frequently donates items to centers that support pregnant women in need. Her view is that the whole point of the pro-life movement is love; therefore, she treats all women with compassion no matter their circumstances. Anderson is also a fan of the show The Chosen, and can’t wait for the next season.

Anna Anderson, Contributing Columnist

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Anna Anderson