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 Shows such as netflix’s “Ginny & Georgia” are often criticized, despite the fact that they were clearly made for casual, not critical, viewing.

In Defense of Poorly Written Television

Raquelle Elson, Sophomore Staff Writer
March 30, 2021
“As a Marketing Scheme, the Travis Scott meal has been extremely successful — an inexpensive meal tied 
 to a celebrity's name is bound to attract business. However, it's shouldn't be overlooked that it's extremely unhealthy,

Travis Scott Burger Exposes Celebrity Influence

Maddie Glaum, Senior Staff Writer
September 22, 2020
Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the fifth installment of the game, was originally set to release in 2019. Due to unexpected delays, it was finally released on March 20, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch Console.

Why is Animal Crossing so Popular?

Emara Sáez, Junior Staff Writer
May 16, 2020
A number of websites provide

“It” Takes Social Media By Storm

Alex Smith, Senior Staff Writer
September 28, 2017
Some controversies can be resolved and stars can bounce back, yet some can shatter careers Photo Credit: Grace Neal/Achona Online

Controversies That Have Hit Hollywood

Grace Neal , Senior Staff Writer
February 7, 2017
One simple Twitter video sparked one of the biggest social media trends on 2016. Photo Credit: Alex Smith/Achona Online

The Mannequin Challenge Dominates Social Media

Alex Smith, Junior Staff Writer
November 15, 2016
Senior Alicia Rooney jams to Cherub, an underground band that she likes to listen to during study hall.

Unknown Song Gems: Academy favorites

Pia Roca , Senior Staff Writer
November 29, 2015
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