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Grace Neal
Grace Neal, a Senior Staff Writer, is brand new to Achona and hopes to pursue a passion in art and photography. In the future, she anticipates writing about different perspectives on art and entertainment. An annual passholder to Universal, she often makes trips up to Orlando to visit her favorite park based off of the popular movie franchise, Harry Potter. Neal aims to earn her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from FSU and plans to continue her career in New York city or studying abroad in London in film school. Neal also dreams of starting a career in creative development for motion pictures and utilizing it to travel the world, working for a production company. She spends her downtime renovating her room by painting the walls with scenery, and watching Gilmore Girls, SNL, or her all-time favorite TV show, FRIENDS. An avid food lover, she enjoys mexican cuisine and Chick-Fil-A milkshakes on a daily basis. Grace has participated in student council for four years and currently is apart of Art Honors Society and Respect for Life. Neal is excited for the new adventures she will experience this year with her other 108 classmates, and hopes to end the year on a high note.


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Grace Neal, Senior Staff Writer

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Grace Neal