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Maria Cacciatore
Maria Cacciatore is an Achona staff writer and an Academy senior. This is Cacciatore’s first year on Achona and she has already contributed many new ideas and stories for the newspaper. After school, Cacciatore stays busy with piano lessons, Jesuit cheer, and working on her incredible clothing designs. In her free time, she enjoys watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix and jamming to 60’s and 70’s music at home and in the car with her friends. Cacciatore already has narrowed down her college options to University of Miami or the Fashion Institute of Technology. Cacciatore wants to be a Fashion Designer or a Creative Director for a top clothing brand, such as Chanel. Although Cacciatore hasn’t had an opportunity to travel much, it is one of her goals for the future.  Cacciatore is excited to see what her future holds, but for now, she is enjoying for her senior year with her friends and her senior privileges at AHN.

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Maria Cacciatore, Senior Staff Writer

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Maria Cacciatore