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Winsome Storm
Winsome Storm is an Academy sophomore, first-year writer, and a Sophomore Staff Writer for Achona. Winsome appreciates some aspects of school, such as science which is her favorite subject. Outside of school, Storm enjoys swimming, playing games, such as Love Live All Stars, learning random trivia, Harry Potter, anime, and Reddit. Storm is passionate about cats, especially her own cat, because, in her eyes, they have no flaws.  Storm is also very proud of her unique collection of cat items: bookmarks, stickers, cat shaped paper clips, and almost anything else one could think of. Storm is excited for the end of 2020 and to get her driver’s license in December. Storm hopes to attend an Ivy League school or Florida State University for college, and get a job in a field where she can help people or launch rockets, both of which excite her.

Winsome Storm, Sophomore Staff Writer

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Winsome Storm