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Haiqa Mian
Haiqa Mian is new to Achona this year and functions as one of their junior writers. During the school week, Mian is occupied with Key Club, Beta Vlub, and the National Honor Society, as well as preparing for her favorite class, AP Language. In her free time, she will most likely be practicing piano which she has done for the past seven years or cooking one of the new recipes she has created. However, Mian’s biggest stress reliever is binge watching Netflix and spending time with her friends. She is most looking forward to the Junior Ring Ceremony where she will be presented the Academy ring along with the rest of the junior class. Mian is trilingual; She is able to fluently speak English, Spanish, and Urdu (which is helpful when she visits family in Pakistan every summer).

Some of her most frequently visited sites are:

Haiqa Mian, Junior Staff Writer

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Haiqa Mian