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Sophia Bahr
Sophia Bahr, is a current junior of Academy of the Holy Names, tennis player, swimmer, first-year journalist, and eleventh grade Staff Writer for Achona. With a passion for writing about current events, she aspires to become a journalist in the future and possibly an editor of a big city newspaper. Bahr is very intrigued by Contemporary History because, “stories of the past can help formulate the future.“ You can find her jogging on the shore-line of her favorite beach, Anna Maria Island, pondering about life's mysteries, pinning cute and preppy pins on Pinterest, or keeping up with Scandal on Netflix. Zara is her favorite store, because of her love for European-based clothing. Bahr says that her inspiration to become a better person is Olivia Pope from Scandal, “she is an independent woman, who can hold powerful role in the U.S. government.” She says that “Hotel California"  by The Eagles is her all time favorite song; she feels it has an, “undeniably, unique reggae/almost latin feel.” Bahr believes the first time listening to it is a “religious experience.” Excited for a new wave of independence, Bahr hopes to tackle her college years somewhere near home, maybe University of Florida or Florida State University.  If you're into boys, food, fashion, or celebrities, Bahr’s Pinterest account will surely be a treat.

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Sophia Bahr, Junior Staff Writer

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Sophia Bahr