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Anna Padron
Anna Padron is a first year junior staff writer for Achona. She is currently a part of two clubs at the Academy which include Faith Children’s Home and has the position of a homeroom representative in Student Government. Along with this Padron, is in charge of the Caps of Love project. She is an athlete who is involved in tennis both in and out of school. Padron participated in the Scranton mission trip her sophomore year, and plans on attending again this school year.  Her favorite subjects include English and History, which are two of the fields Padron is interested in majoring in. After senior year, she plans to go to either the University of Miami or the University of Florida to get a degree in Family Law. Her interests include any television show produced by Shonda Rhimes and America’s Next Top Model; participating in the petite cycle of America’s Next Top Model is a dream of hers. With many events ahead throughout the school year, Padron is thrilled for Junior Ring Ceremony.


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Anna Padron, Junior Staff Writer

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Anna Padron