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Ellie Abdoney
Ellie Abdoney is first-year journalist and a Junior Staff Writer for Achona. In her free time, Ellie plays school soccer and will play tennis in the spring. To keep active, she takes yoga and boxing classes. Ellie is highly involved in the AHN club called TLC. She is passionate about dogs, volunteering to foster kittens and puppies. Including this passion, she also has passions for fishing, food and fashion, traveling, and dancing. Her most enjoyable class in school is Journalism. A few Academy events she looks forward to throughout the year includes junior ring, powerpuff, and prom. One unique thing about Ellie is that she eats sour cream with her french fries during meals. She is still undecided on her future concerning college, not knowing whether she wants to stay in state or not, but wants to pursue a career in the medical field. Given the choice to visit any destination around the world, she would want to go to Bora Bora, a small Island in French Polynesia. If Ellie had to pick a last meal, she would want to eat dinner at Cappy’s then go to Yougurtology for dessert.


Ellie Abdoney, Junior Staff Writer

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Ellie Abdoney