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Alyssa Muir
Junior staff writer Alyssa Muir is a first year journalist and an avid beach bum. She enjoys spending sunny days, which come often in Florida, at Indian Rocks with her friends. She is gearing up for another year on the basketball team, and is optimistic about the outcome of the season. In addition to her sports and hobbies, Alyssa spends time volunteering. She is in the process of being matched with a little sibling as part of the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program. Her interest in the program began when her Aunt adopted the little sister she was given by the program, and her brother, after the children's’ mom passed away. This past summer Alyssa learned how to be a cashier and responsible employee during her summer job at a local pharmacy. She says it was a great experience and she would happily do it again next summer. In her free time Alyssa loves throwing on her pajamas and watching an episode...or three of One Tree Hill before bed. Alyssa hopes to attend the University of Florida and is excited for her college career.

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Alyssa Muir, Junior Staff Writer

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Alyssa Muir